Kevin Durant Is “Good” With His Favorite Song (NBA 2K15 Uncensored)



Kevin Durant is arguably the NBA’s most intimidating scorer due to several obvious factors. When you’ve got the height of a center, the fleet feet of a point guard, and the wiry athleticism of a small forward, you’d be virtually unstoppable. Blessed with a team first and iron will attitude, Durant is right up there with LeBron James when the “best player of the NBA” talks surface.

But even Durant needs a bit of motivation, especially before game time. During a conversation with NBA 2K15 Uncensored, the Oklahoma City Thunder forward cited Clipse’s “I’m Good” as a tune that always gets him on point.

NBA 2K15 (2K Games)

“It just makes me feel right,” said Durant. “Every time I listen to it. Every game for like the last four years. That’s probably my theme song – my theme music when I walk into the arena, when I walk into the game. That’s my favorite song of all time.”

The video version Kevin Durant’s answer can be seen below:

NBA 2K15 is scheduled for an October 7 release in North America and will be out on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 platforms. The game comes out October 10 internationally.

If you’re not familiar with Clipse’s music or haven’t heard KD’s favorite song, check out the video for “I’m Good” below:

NBA 2K15 (2K Games)




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