Jon Favreau Talks ‘The Mandalorian’ And Profound Connection To ‘Star Wars’ Universe

"The Mandalorian" - Disney
Streaming sites and binge watching gives me an ice cream headache, as there is too much great content out in the universe to consume in a coherent fashion. That said, I am all invested in The Mandalorian, the Star Wars original series that premieres November 12 on Disney+. Series creator Jon Favreau talked about how “Star Wars” shaped his life, and the audio is featured in our post.

Pedro Pascal in “The Mandalorian.” (Disney)

Set after the fall of the Empire and before the First Order, The Mandalorian centers on an intimidating gunfighter (Pedro Pascal) whose motivations are not exactly clear as day.

“He is a mysterious, central figure whom we step into this outer reaches world of the Star Wars galaxy and he’s cloaked in mystery,” said Pascal. “(It’s an) entire story that is literally hidden underneath the armor so it’s that exciting journey of gradually getting to know the unknowable.”

During “The Mandalorian” press conference, series creator Jon Favreau discussed how “Star Wars” (as well as Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth) had a deep influence on his love for cinema and storytelling:

Disney+ debuts “The Mandalorian,” which is Lucasfilm’s first live action series, in the U.S. and Canada on November 12. Are you excited for this series? Feel free to comment below!

Gina Carano in “The Mandalorian.” (Disney)

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