Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Immersed With ‘Nightcrawler’ Role

If you’ve seen Brokeback Mountain, End of Watch or last year’s Prisoners, Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting skills may be something you appreciate. Part of that his skill set, at times, requires a full immersion in the role, and it’s an experience he had shooting his latest film Nightcrawler.

The actor is also on board as a producer in Nightcrawler, the story of Lou Bloom (Gyllenhaal), a hard working opportunist who’s in desperate need of a job. After witnessing a freeway car accident that is taped by freelance camera man (Bill Paxton), he realizes that selling video footage to news stations may signal a new career.

Armed with a police scanner, tons of moxie and sociopathic tendencies, Lou skirts the Los Angeles streets for “if it bleeds, it leads” stories. Even if his methods are unscrupulous and manipulative, Lou understands that juicy news footage can only help his flourishing career.

Gyllenhaal has starred in two visionary takes on a different side of Los Angeles with End of Watch and Nightcrawler, and during a recent interview I asked him which city (New York or Los Angeles), is the best place to nurture one’s acting life.

What nurtures my acting life is – my life,” said the actor, who grew up in the Los Angeles suburbs Hancock Park. “My life and my family happens to be in New York.  A majority of my family is there. That’s my connection to something that feels the most real and grounded – (and) that’s the thing that’s made my work, I think, more interesting to me.”

Click on the media bar to hear Jake Gyllenhaal explain why he really didn’t have much of a life during the production of Nightcrawler:

Co-starring Rene Russo and directed by Dan Gilroy, Nightcrawler opens nationwide October 31.


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