Jackie Chan Classics ‘Police Story’ And ‘Police Story 2’ Hit The Nuart

With a library of over 800 movies, Janus Films is focused on restoring some of cinema’s most transcendent features. This weekend, its 4K restorations of Police Story and Police Story 2, hits Landmark’s Nuart Theatre. Details below!

Police Story – Jackie Chan as Sergeant Ka Kui and Brigitte Lin as Selina Fong

Cinephiles who may only know Jackie Chan from his mainstream work (Rush Hour films and most recently The Foreigner) will have a deeper appreciation for Chan’s work after checking out Police Story and Police Story 2.

Chan’s lifelong willingness to put his body in harm’s way and give audiences high octane entertainment are on display with both films. Police Story (1985) has Hong Kong police inspector Ka Kui (Chan) attempting to take down a drug kingpin. Brigitte Lin (Chungking Express) co-stars in the feature.

Police Story 2 – Jackie Chan as Sergeant Ka Kui and Maggie Cheung as May

Police Story 2 (1988) has Ka-Kui attempting to stop a group of serial bombers. Maggie Cheung, whose credits include In The Mood for Love and Hero, co-stars in both films as Ka-Kui’s girlfriend.

For Police Story and Police Story 2 showtimes, go to Landmark Theatres’ official site.

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