Kiefer Sutherland Takes The “Open Road” With Sophomore Album

Kiefer Sutherland’s sophomore album Reckless & Me comes out April 26 via BMG. A mixture of ballads and country rockers, the project is produced by Jude Cole. Sutherland also does an excellent cover of Cole’s track “Open Road” in the new album – further details below!


Kiefer Sutherland. Credit: Mumpi Kuenster

Though he’s carved out a prodigious career in film and television, Kiefer Sutherland is also passionate about his music career. The 10-track Reckless & Me is a follow-up to his 2016 effort Down in a Hole.

“I asked myself, says Sutherland, “‘what is the thing that I love about acting, and music?’ ‘What is the common denominator?’ For me it’s storytelling and music is a very different way of doing it.”

Here’s the video for the album’s latest single “This Is How It’s Done.”

The Reckless & Me track listing is as follows: “Open Road,” “Something You Love,” “Faded Pair of Blue Jeans,” “Reckless & Me,” “Blame It On Your Heart,” “This Is How It’s Done,” “Agave,” “Run to Him,” “Saskatchewan,” and “Song for a Daughter.”

Sutherland is going on the road in support of the album and U.S. tour dates will be announced soon. Lastly, as much as I love Jude Cole’s introspective “Open Road,” I prefer Sutherland’s gravelly, whiskey soaked take on the track!

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