DVD Review: Faith Based ‘100 Yards’ Finds Football In The Philippines

Steven Brewisas Rich Porter in the family faith film “100 YARDS” a RLJE Films release. Photo courtesy of RLJE Films.
Being part Filipino, I’m going to have a natural bias for movies that deal with my heritage. Although the DVD cover art for 100 Yards accurately shows a quarterback (Steven Brewis) facing the bright lights, did you know this faith based film is set in the Philippines. It’s an interesting film, and spend a few minutes to see why 100 Yards may be worth checking out.

100 Yards centers on Rich Porter (Steven Brewis), a star quarterback whose NFL career is derailed after his mother (Danielle Rayne) goes missing in the Philippines. Though his mom always puts others first, Rich is an arrogant prima donna who alienates his teammates and shuns his girlfriend Tess (Melissa Paulo).

Sean Patrick Flanery as Ray in the family faithfilm “100 YARDS” a RLJE Films release. Photo courtesy of RLJE Films

A manipulative reporter (Boondock Saints‘ Sean Patrick Flannery) visits Cebu (it’s a province in the Philippines) to get the latest dirt on Rich’s turbulent life, but being in the tabloids is far from the quarterback’s problems.

Rich is diagnosed with cancer and must rethink his life while being treated at a local hospital. His hospital roommate Darrell (Jerald Uy) is a child with the same condition who has a much more positive and religious way of looking at life, thus giving Rich a bit of perspective.

Rebecca Lim co-stars as Brittany, the nurturing nurse who, like Darrell, tries to put Rich on a more productive path.

What makes 100 Yards interesting, at least to me, is that I didn’t realize football was a viable sport in the Philippines, and I never thought a pigskin themed drama would ever set in this beautiful country.

Amidst all the heavy drama in 100 Yards, there are moments of levity, and I actually never thought the Filipino delicacy Balut (fyi, it’s a duck embryo!!) would ever make it into a movie I watched!

As for the actual film, 100 Yards does have its share of really heavy moments (Rich Porter as well as his loved ones are put through the ringer), but the story ultimately won me over thanks to the engaged performances by the ensemble (Steven Brewis is convincing in the lead role).

Steven Brewis as Rich Porter and Rebecca Lim as Brittany in the family faithfilm “100 YARDS” a RLJE Films release. Photo courtesy of RLJE Films

I’m also a Catholic, so faith based films are a genre I’m more than happy to watch and review. 100 Yards was a worthwhile watch for me, and now matter how much I love the Philippines, football, and well told dramas, I’ll never eat Balut (I really hope Brewis didn’t eat the real thing!).

100 Yards is now out on DVD and digital via RLJE Films.

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