‘In The Heights’ Blu-ray And Digital Code Giveaway From Deepest Dream!


I’m back to doing giveaways, and for this week I’m offering up my sealed Blu-ray of critically acclaimed musical In The Heights. Digital Code is included in the package. Details below!

Special features on the Blu-ray version include “Paciencia y Fe: Making In The Heights” and “In The Heights Sing-Alongs.” For more updates and information on the film, go to its official Facebook Page. Thanks to Warner Bros. Home Entertainment for supplying Deepest Dream with this sealed Blu-ray copy!

The first Random winner gets In The Heights, and I will also reward two other entrants sealed Blu-rays from my own collection!

In The Heights Entry Requirements:

1. Subscribe to my Deepest Dream YouTube Channel. Once subbed, email editor@deepestdream.com to confirm your entry (and also give me your YT username so I can double check).

2. Join my CinemAddicts Facebook Group. I give two discs (DVDs or Blu-rays) each week to random members, so if you are a physical media fan, this group is recommended!

3. “Like” My Deepest Dream Facebook Page.

4. Previous members of my YT channel and CinemAddicts Group are also eligible. Just email me to confirm your entry (only U.S. entrants allowed for this giveaway).

5. If you subscribe to my Channel, Page and Group, you get three entries. Fulfilling a minimum of One of the requirements gets you an entry into the giveaway. In your email, specifiy how many entry requirements you fulfilled!

6. Contest ends Friday, October 1 at 5 pm pt. Winners (one gets In The Heights, the other two receive a Blu-ray from my collection) will be announced on my Deepest Dream Facebook Page. Good luck and thanks for your support!

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