Hugh Jackman Believes ‘Showman’ Co-Star Zendaya Will Be “Biggest Star” Of Her Generation

The Greatest Showman - - Zendaya
Philip (Zac Efron) is entranced by Anne’s (Zendaya) trapeze artistry in Twentieth Century Fox’s THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. Photo Credit: Niko Tavernise
It doesn’t get any bigger, as far as star power and talent go, than stage and screen veteran Hugh Jackman. He spearheads the upcoming musical The Greatest Showman, playing P.T. Barnum, and during a recent interview he had the highest praise for co-star Zendaya. Jackman audio and comments on the actress/singer is found after the jump!

The Greatest Showman

“As soon as the camera is on her, it’s astonishing. She’s a true star. A true hard worker. When she dances and when she’s with 20 of the best dancers in the world, your eyes go to her. When she sings – when I would do my vocal sessions with Justin (Paul) and Benj (Pasek) they would go ‘No, this way.’ And with her they just let it go.

She’s a pure natural. She is unbelievably respectful to everyone she works with. Incredibly professional. This really hasn’t happened very often in my life – to work with someone where it’s blindingly obvious that she is going to be, if she wants it, the biggest star of her generation. And that could be in music, or dance, or acting – whatever she wants.” – Hugh Jackman

Audio version:

The Greatest Showman, co-starring Zac Efron and Michelle Williams, opens December 20.

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