Interview: Julianne Moore Talks Robert Altman Influence And ‘After The Wedding’ Collaboration

In After The Wedding, Julianne Moore stars as Theresa, a philanthropist and head of high powered New York media company who has a ton of responsibilities on her plate. At the top of her list is her daughter’s (Abby Quinn) wedding in a few days as well as a meeting with Isabel (Michelle Williams), the woman who runs a financially strapped Kolkata orphanage. Theresa is more than just a benefactor to Isabel’s orphanage, and Isabel ultimately understands why she is forced to return to New York and forge an even deeper connection with Theresa’s family.

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CinemAddicts Ep. 100: ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon,’ ‘Love Antosha’ and ‘Ode To Joy’

It took us 3.5 years, but Anderson Cowan and I finally made it to 100 episodes on CinemAddicts. We’ve been picking up the pace lately (two eps. per month) thanks to our Patreon subscribers, and on this show we cover The Peanut Butter Falcon, Ode to Joy, and Love, Antosha. Details and audio of our podcast is below!!

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Hugh Jackman Believes ‘Showman’ Co-Star Zendaya Will Be “Biggest Star” Of Her Generation

The Greatest Showman - - Zendaya
It doesn’t get any bigger, as far as star power and talent go, than stage and screen veteran Hugh Jackman. He spearheads the upcoming musical The Greatest Showman, playing P.T. Barnum, and during a recent interview he had the highest praise for co-star Zendaya. Jackman audio and comments on the actress/singer is found after the jump!

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Oxygen’s ‘Fix My Choir’ Aims For Life’s Inspired Harmonies

Grammy winning singer Michelle Williams and gospel singer/pastor Deitrick Haddon (Preachers of L.A.) spearhead Oxygen’s new series Fix My Choir which, if the title suggests, will bring new harmonies and a reinvigorated attitude to various choirs in need of direction.

“It goes way beyond the music,” says Haddon. “People have learned how to harmonize and sing over their issues in a choir. And there are a lot of issues in a choir. That’s the beautiful thing about it – we’ve been able to confront their demons and become better singers.”

For Michelle Williams, her journey as a singer was obviously shaped by her family and choir, but it also took certain individuals to nurture her passion and drive. Click on the audio bar to hear the Destiny’s Child member and solo artist (Journey to Freedom comes out September 9) talk about how the song “Reach Out And Touch” marked a formative stage in her life. In the clip, Haddon also elaborates how talent shows and performing the Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney track “Say, Say, Say” gave him early confidence as a singer.

Fix My Choir premieres this fall on Oxygen.