Gordon Ramsay Takes It Personal With “Kitchen Nightmares”


Season six of “Kitchen Nightmares” premieres tonight (FOX, 8 pm et/pt), as Gordon Ramsay revisits Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, AZ. Checking back on former clients is one of the show’s strongest facets, as it proves that some of the owners need a refresher course on how to properly run their business.

The episode also features Ramsay traveling to Denver, CO, as he lends his sage advice to an Italian restaurant named Pantaleone’s. The owner is reportedly stuck in his ways, but as you can see from the restaurant’s official website, Ramsay’s influence left the restaurant in good standing.

As much as I love the histrionics and adrenaline that fuels “Hell’s Kitchen,” it’s also great to see Ramsay’s candid yet ultimately nurturing spirit displayed on “Kitchen Nightmares.” Plus, don’t expect the celebrated chef to just go through the motions on the show, even if he’s reached huge levels of success.

Kitchen Nightmares, I take so personally,” said Ramsay. “We take it so personally from the research to the competition, and how much heart and soul we put into it. We really want to turn these businesses around and help them. And I suppose in many ways, we unearth stuff that one wouldn’t even have any idea of digging that far down. And then, of course, the first thing I look for when I walk in there is where is the weakness in this business? And usually can spot it a mile away.”

In the clip below, he explains why, even with his adept skills behind the kitchen as well as in front of the camera, he continues to learn about his craft. Click on the audio and listen to Ramsay:

Check out the video, as Ramsay doesn’t have kind words for the pizza that’s being dished out by Pantaleone’s:

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