Gerard Butler Won’t Be Receiving Any Father’s Day Presents (Humor)



In How To Train Your Dragon 2, Gerard Butler returns as the voice of Stoick, the Viking leader wants his son Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) to eventually take over the leadership reigns on the island of Berk. The picture has been showered with excellent reviews, proving that the occasional sequel can just be as good as the original.

With Father’s Day upon us, Butler was asked if he’s looking forward to Father’s Day. The ebullient and playfully sarcastic actor was a bit surprised by the question, since fatherhood is still off in the distance.

Check out the media bar below to hear Butler and Craig Ferguson talk about Father’s Day, and the actor also elaborates on the close knit relationship between Stoick and Hiccup.

Now playing nationwide, How To Train Your Dragon 2 also features the voices of Kit Harington, Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett, and America Ferrera.