Future Flicks: Alexander Skårsgard Wages ‘War On Everyone’



Alexander Skårsgard stars in The Diary of a Teenage Girl, a 1970s set coming of age narrative that’s propelled by a star making performance from Bel Powley (as the “teenage girl”). To check out the actor’s experience about working on the film, please go to my post on Find Your Seen.

During the interviews for The Diary of a Teenage GirlI asked him about collaborating with director John Michael McDonagh on their upcoming film War On Everyone. As previously reported at Empire Online, the story centers on two corrupt cops (Skårsgard, Michael Peña) whose days of easy shakedowns take a different turn.

Skårsgard shot War On Everyone in New Mexico after finishing up Tarzan (-also when AS talks about “being terrible” in the answer below, he refers to giving it all as an actor and not being afraid to take risks)

“To do something that was tonally quite different from what I’ve done before and to play a character that was really over the top – talk about taking it all the way and being terrible – John had to (say) ‘Okay Alex that was great but just reign it in, you know?’ Because after playing Tarzan for so long, which was very, very intense I was just having a blast running around in Albuquerque and beating up criminals, snorting coke and drinking. And working with (Michael) Peña, who is a genius, you know? To riff off each other . . . we were just having a blast on that one. John just wrote an amazing script. I haven’t seen that yet, we just wrapped a couple of weeks ago, but I loved it.”

To hear the full audio version, check out the clip below:

The Diary of a Teenage Girl opens August 7, 2015 in NY/LA.

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