Emily Deschanel Talks “Pretty Dramatic” Bones Season 9 Finale


“The Recluse in the Recliner,” the moniker for tonight’s season finale episode of Bones (FOX, 8 pm et/pt), could have been lifted from some Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode. Directed by David Boreanaz, the Jeffersonian crew investigate the demise of Wesley Foster, a conspiracy blog writer who was set to meet Booth (Boreanaz) and shed light on a prior case. Foster’s final moments aren’t a pretty one, as his body may have been burned into a recliner.

As Booth and his colleagues dig deeper into the case, they realize that whoever killed Foster did not want the scribe to meet our intrepid protagonist, and now Booth may be biting off more than he can chew. In a recent interview, Deschanel said that the finale will have huge repercussions for the Jeffersonian team.

Emily Deschanel – Bones (Fox Broadcasting, CR: Patrick McElhenney)

“Booth is up for promotion; the FBI agency in Berlin, their office in Berlin.. And, you know, you can’t say no to such a promotion,” said Deschanel. “It’s an honor, so he’s moving forward. He goes to the confirmation and things don’t go quite as planned, and things unravel from there and lots of things are revealed. I don’t want to say it’s a conspiracy theory because it may not be a theory. There really may be conspiracies happening against Booth and Brennan and possibly everyone at the Jeffersonian. But they’re targeting Booth right now.”

Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan added that tonight’s finale could be the show’s most gripping cliffhanger.

“What we wanted to do was after nine years you really kind of want to shake the tree and, you know, see what falls out,” said Nathan. “And we decided to really put them in a very challenging situation. Now having Booth be tempted by a promotion which could really change his career, but at the same time it changes his life in a very radical way, not only his professional life but his personal life and home life with Brennan, and Christine, and even his son. So, you know, he’s put in a situation, it’s sort of an offer he can’t refuse, but at the same time it slowly becomes an offer that is not really what it appears to be.”

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