Edgar Ramirez Continues Acting Quest With “The Liberator”

Édgar Ramirez, an actor who’s worked with such stellar filmmakers as Kathryn Bigelow (“Zero Dark Thirty”), the late Tony Scott (“Domino”), Ridley Scott (“The Counselor”) and Paul Greengrass (“The Bourne Ultimatum”), brings a welcome intensity to all his performances (for further proof, check out his work in the miniseries “Carlos”).

In The LiberatorRamirez has the intimidating task of portraying Venezuelan freedom fighter and visionary Simón Bolívar. The gorgeously shot epic, directed by Alberto Arvelo, is set for an October 3 release stateside and was recently screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Édgar Ramirez in “The Liberator” – (Cohen Media Group)

During today’s interview for The Liberator, I asked Ramirez if he sees acting as a journey or a quest.

“My craft as an actor has helped me to deal in a better (and) more poetic way with a world full of incongruity,” said Ramirez, who will also be seen in the thriller Deliver Us From Evil and a remake of Point Break. “There’s so many contradictions and incongruity that as an actor I think I’ve found a way to be saved – or to try to understand it.”

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The Liberator, co-starring Danny Huston and Maria Valverde, was penned by Children of Men scribe Timothy J. Sexton.