Eddie George Showcases Design Savvy With ‘American Dream Builders’


American Dream Builders (NBC, CR: Vivian Zink)

To NFL fans, Eddie George will always be known as the every down running back for the Tennessee Titans, an agile and powerful rusher who served as the perfect 1-2 punch with late quarterback Steve McNair. But time waits for no one, and George has forged a fulfilling new chapter as a sports commentator, acclaimed landscape architect, and judge on the new NBC series “American Dream Builders.”

With his years of passion in landscape architecture, George certainly has a discerning eye and is a perfect fit for the show, which effectively gives viewers a look into the lives of the designers and the owners of the respective homes.

During my interview with him and Pedersen, I asked if the skills he crafted during his years with the Titans were translatable to his current work off the field. 

Check out the video below for his answer:

Tonight’s episode (NBC, 8 pm et/pt) of “American Dream Builders” has the crews working on two Spanish style domiciles in North Hollywood, Ca. Erinn Valenvich serves as the site manager for Team Red, and the strong willed Elaine Griffin is the leader for Team Blue. Since Team Blue still has their original six members intact and the Red squad are losing designers by the week, something’s got to give.

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