“Earth A New Wild” Travels To Blu-Ray & DVD In February


Earth A New Wild

Earth A New Wild, a series that details humanity’s intricate connection with wildlife and Mother Nature, hits Blu-ray ($34.99) and DVD ($29.99) on February 10 via PBS Distribution.

Hosted by conservation scientist Dr. M. Sanjayan, the series, shot in 29 different countries, is a joint collaboration between National Geographic Studios and Passion Planet.

“The pristine views of epic nature shows always leave something out of the picture: us,” said Sanjayan. “I traveled the world to film some of the wildest places. What I found were amazing stories that reveal a new paradigm about us and the planet we live on – that when we save wild nature we really are saving ourselves.”

Humpback whales, African lions, and Arctic reindeer are just a few of the animals spotlighted on  Earth A New Wild, which is broken down into five episodes that spotlight a different section of our world’s expansive terrain (Home, Plains, Forests, Oceans, Water).

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