DVD Review: “The Mentalist: The Complete Seventh And Final Season”

The Mentalist - Simon Baker

Now out on DVD, The Mentalist: The Complete Seventh And Final Season closes out the journey of eccentric criminal consultant Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), and this collection features all 13 episodes plus the new featurette Patrick Jane: An Uncommon Man.”

One aspect I loved about the final season was its focus on Jane’s relationship with agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney). Still haunted by his wife and daughter’s murder at the hands of Red John, Jane doesn’t want Lisbon to put herself in harm’s way, and he’d rather they travel to some remote place where danger is nowhere near their doorstep. Since Lisbon loves her job and has a close knit bond with her fellow colleagues (especially dedicated, no-nonsense agent Kimball Cho, played by Tim Kang), this proves to be a sticking point in her union with Jane.

Another highlight during the show’s final season was the episode “Nothing Gold Can Stay” which, without giving up spoilers, throws an unexpected (and heartbreaking) twist into The Mentalist’s narrative. It would have been as easy as pie for The Mentalist to go gently into that good night without further darkness infiltrating Jane’s life, but thankfully the show’s writing team didn’t shy away from tragedy.

The 12 minute plus featurette “Patrick Jane: An Uncommon Man” contains interviews with the show’s cast, including Tunney, Baker, Rockmond Dunbar (Sons of Anarchy), and Josie Loren (Make It or Break It).  The three-DVD collection also comes with unaired scenes.

The Mentalist: The Complete Seventh and Final Season is now available to purchase at WBshop.com.