Dolph Lundgren Talks Tony Jaa Fight & “CAST” Involvement

Skin Trade - Dolph Lundgren
Along with headlining Skin Trade, Dolph Lundren also serves as a producer and co-writer on the feature. The story centers on Nick (Lundgren), a detective who travels to Bangkok to seek revenge on the gangster/human trafficker (Ron Perlman) who brought tragedy upon his family. Tony Jaa (Ong-bak) is the Thai detective who aids in Nick’s quest.

Though Skin Trade has its healthy share of action, the picture isn’t just about gunfights and butt kicking; the picture also deals with the issue of human trafficking.  “I was surprised it’s the second largest criminal enterprise in the world, about 100 billion dollars a year,” says Lundgren during this week’s interviews. “There’s 30 million slaves all over the world, even here in America.”

From his research and experience shooting Skin Trade, Lundgren got involved with the Los Angeles based organization CAST (short for Coalition to abolish slavery and trafficking).

Click on the media bar below to hear Dolph Lundgren talk about CAST (the name Lundgren mentions in the clip is Ima Matul, a woman whose life was positively changed thanks to the organization):

During the interview, the actor also talked about shooting a difficult fight scene with Tony Jaa, who loves doing his own stunts. “Certainly ranks up there in my book,” said Lundgren, whose previous credits include The Expendables, Universal Soldier, and Rocky IV. “I’ve fought Van Damme, Stallone, and a few other people, (including) Jet Li. It ranks right up there with those guys.”

Lundgren’s full answer, wherein he breaks down his Skin Trade fight with Tony Jaa, is below:

Now available on iTunes and On Demand, Skin Trade opens in theaters May 8.

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