‘Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery’ Interview With Director Sheona McDonald

The documentary, which focuses on the mystery behind Quadriga CX CEO Gerry Cotten's death, is streaming on Discovery+.

Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery, directed by Sheona McDonald, focuses on the circumstances around the sudden death of Quadriga CX CEO Gerry Cotten. Upon his passing, $215 million went missing, leaving investors who kept their crypto assets left on the exchange scrambling to recoup their investments. McDonald talked to Deepest Dream about her documentary which is now streaming on Discovery+.
Recreation scene of Gerry, standing in darkness and illuminated by blue light, looking at a gambling wheel. (Dimestore Productions/Discovery+

One of the first phrases investors learn when investing in cryptocurrency is “not your keys, not your coin.” Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery delves into the suspicious circumstances on Cotten’s passing, as some have questioned if he is actually alive and reaping the benefits of that missing money. Journalist Amy Castor and author David Gerard are among the reporters who provide context and coverage to Cotten’s case.

Gerry Cotten (Credit: Jan Miranda) – Dimestore Productions/Discovery+

During Cotten’s CEO days, Quadriga CX was the major crypto exchange in Canada. Now there are various exchanges to invest your money, but the fear of losing money while leaving it exposed on exchanges still exist. Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery, running at 78 minutes, draws us into Cotten’s story while also subtly pointing out the importance of DYOR-ing (do your own research) with crytpo investments.

Cotten’s death and life served as an immersive watch, and as a crypto investor it was a value added experience to view a cautionay tale.

Sheona McDonald (Dimestore Productions / Discovery+)

Check out Sheona McDonald’s full interview below. Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery is now streaming on Discovery+.