Claudia Zevallos “Honored” To Be Part Of “Magical” ‘A Snowy Day in Oakland’

A Snow Day in Oakland is now playing in theaters.


Directed and penned by Kim Bass , A Snowy Day in Oakland ceners on a psychologist (Nicole Ari Parker) who opens her own private practice in a small block in Oakland. The diverse and talented cast includes Claudia Zevallos, Tony Plana, Kimberly Elise, and Michael Jai White. Zevallos, who previously collaborated with Bass in Day of Days and Tyson’s Run, talked to CinemAddicts host Eric Holmes about the “magical” storytelling behind A Snowy Day in Oakland.

Tony Plana and Claudia Zevallos in “A Snowy Day in Oakland”

“I’m so honored to be part of this fantastic and talented cast,” said Claudia Zevallos. “A Snowy Day in Oakland is just a magical comedy which is filled love, hope, dreams, desires while you’re laughing out loud. I’m so grateful to be part of this movie.”

Zevallos added that she felt heard and represented by playing Angelica. “I felt understood because Angelica is a dreamer. She is a hard worker and she absolutely adores her family . . . She values all the sacrifices all her family had made to bring her to America and give her the best opportunities.” Angelica and the rest of the inhabitants in the neighborhood ultimately become a stronger, extended family thanks to Latrice’s (Nicole Ari Parker) effect on the environment.

Speaking of effect, Eric Holmes also recommends A Snowy Day in Oakand. Check out his review on CinemAddicts (review starts at 57:56):

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