Quentin Dupieux Talks Filmmaking Approach With ‘Smoking Causes Coughing’

Smoking Causes Coughing is now in theaters and available On Demand.


Filmmaker Quentin Dupieux (Mandibles, Rubber) has garnered a dedicated following thanks to his eccentric and refreshingly compelling stories. Each of his movies, though working with an indie budget, feature ambitious plotlines. His latest movie Smoking Causes Coughing deals with five superheroes (their team is called the Tobacco Force) who ban together to so an evildoer bent on annihilating Earth. CinemAddicts co-host Eric Holmes talked to Dupieux about his latest offering.


Since 2018’s Keep An Eye Out, Quentin Dupieux has been releasing a movie per year. Both Incredible But True and Smoking Causes Coughing have a 2022 official release date, but that is just a technicality. To put it squarely, he has released five movies since 2018, which is a pretty impressive clip.

Oulaya Amamra and Anaïs Demoustier in SMOKING CAUSES COUGHING, a Magnet release. © 2022 Chi-Fou-Mi Productions – Gaumon. Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing.

“I’ve been fighting hard for this freedom I have now,” said Dupieux. “Ten years ago, it was almost impossible for me to finance a movie. I had to insist. I had to push. The small movies that are shot in the U.S., for example, they were a nightmare to finance. No one wanted to see these movies. Now I have this clout that basically allows me to make one small movie like this every year. When I say small, I’m only talking about the budget of course.”

Smoking Causes Coughing’s Tobacco Force includes Benzene (Gilles Lellouche), Nicotine (Anaís Demoustier), Methanol (Vincent Lacoste), Mercury (Jean-Pascal Zadi) and Ammonia (Oulaya Amamra). The feature is, according to CinemAddicts hosts Eric Holmes and Bruce Purkey, an anthology. Listen to their review of the movie (they both loved it) on our latest episode (review starts at 23:00):

Smoking Causes Coughing is now in theaers and available On Demand. Check out the full interview with Quentin Dupieux below:

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