CinemAddicts: ‘Padre Pio,’ ‘Lynch/Oz,’ ‘This Mountain Life’


CinemAddicts co-founder Anderson Cowan is back to talk about latest project (Loaded For Bear: The Documentary). Featured reviews for Episode 192 are Padre Pio, starring Shia LaBeouf, and the documentary Lynch/Oz.

The combination of director Abel Ferrara and Shia LaBeouf sounds like a creative home run. Unfortunately, this post-WWI story of this venerated saint was not met with effusive praise from co-hosts Eric Holmes or Bruce Purkey. “Seventy percent of the film is spent watching stock, old-timey characters wander around an Italian village moping about dead spouses, trying to fly the socialist flag, or stomping down the poor with fascist boots,” writes Purkey, who was absent from the podcast but did write his mini-reviews for both films. “That sounds more interesting than it is.”

Listen to this week’s CinemAddicts episode to hear Eric Holmles’ full review of Padre Pio:

It was a total pleasure to watch Lynch/Oz, the latest documentary from Alexandre O. Phillippe (The People vs. George Lucas). Lynch/Oz features six visual essays narrated by fans of director David Lynch. Filmmakers Karyn Kusama, David Lowery, and John Waters are among the artists who narrate the insightful and immersive segments. The project focuses on how Lynch has used The Wizard of Oz as a vital element in most of his movies.


Lynch/Oz is a must see for cinephiles and Lynch fans. Check out our full review of Lynch/Oz on the latest episode of CinemAddicts on Apple Podcasts:

Anderson Cowan also recommends the Grant Baldwin directed documentary called This Mountain Life, which is streaming on Prime Video.

CinemAddicts Episode 192: Loaded for Bear: The Documentary, This Mountain Life, Padre Pio, Lynch/OZ