Christopher Convery Talks ‘Prisoner’s Daughter,’ Rock Band ‘Thrive’ And A Cat Named Blu


Christopher Convery stars in Prisoner’s Daughter as Ezra, a kid who’s being bullied at school. Kate Beckinsale plays his hard working mother Maxine and Brian Cox is his just released convict grandfather Max. The Las Vegas set family drama, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, is now out in theaters. Convery talked to Deepest Dream about the film and his new band Thrive. Plus, he has a memorable Kate Beckinsale cat story!

Catherine Hardwicke has directed films about perceived outsiders before (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown), and her filmmaking acumen and an engaged ensemble propel Prisoner’s Daughter from the average family drama. Christopher Convery described working with Brian Cox, Kate Beckinsale, and Hardwicke as a “master class.” It’s another solid feature that he can add to his resume (which includes Brahms: The Boy II).

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“She really had a vision for the movie,” said Convery on working with Hardwicke. “But she also allowed us to explore our characters and improvise a lot of stuff. It was a great experience and I learned so much from everybody.”

Christopher Convery and Kate Beckinsale – “Prisoner’s Daughter” (Vertical)

Interviews with Prisoner Daughter’s Convery, Ernie Hudson, and Catherine Hardwicke are featured on the Find Your Film podcast:

One big lesson for Convery centers on taking care of a cat. Kate Beckinsale encouraged Convery and his family to become a cat guardian, and she actually flew a kitten from Florida to Los Angeles.

“I love the cat. Now we’re cat people for sure,” said Convery. “(Blu) gets along with my dog. He’s really fun.”

Convery, who’s a pianist, is also the lead singer of a new rock band named Thrive. He talked about the group and also discussed how music and acting are all aspects of his artistic journey. Also, Convery and crew do an awesome cover of U2’s “With or Without You.”

Full interview with Christopher Convery is below. Prisoner’s Daughter is now out in theaters.

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