Freshman Series ‘Reptile Royalty’ Snakes Into The Roku Channel July 21


Watching reptiles do their thing is a big part of my YouTube viewing experience, so watching Reptile Royalty will be an order of business this month. Centering on The Reptile Zoo owner Jay Brewer and his family, Reptile Royalty premieres on The Roku Channel July 21. The trailer introduces us to the Brewers, and they are pretty likable. As for the snakes and gators . . .

The trailer starts off with “My Name is Jay Brewer and I loooove reptiles.” The first image has Brewer sliding into an enclosed area with several snakes and then we are introduced to his three daughters. All of them help run The Reptile Zoo, which features “over 600 of the rarest and exotic reptiles on Earth.”

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This six episode run makes this series digestible enough, and considering Brewer has an IG following of 7 million, maybe a sophomore series is in the offing.

Let us know if Reptile Royalty is on your watch list when it is streaming for free on The Roku Channel July 21!

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