Chris Evans Talks Directing Journey With ‘Before We Go’

Opening in theaters Friday, Before We Go marks Chris Evans’ feature directing debut. Set in New York City, the comedy-drama centers on Nick (Evans), a jazz trumpeter who has a once in a lifetime experience with Brooke (Alice Eve), a complete stranger who’s in need of a little assistance.


The narrative starts off with the pair’s attempts to find Brooke’s missing Prada purse but in the course of their late evening/early morning adventures, they both face huge issues from their past that have both taken an immense toll on their lives. Though Before We Go has its share of heartbreaking moments, there’s also enough humor to temporary lighten (and possibly enlighten) the proceedings.

Although speculation of Chris Evans’ retiring  from acting were completely unfounded, he’s also discovered a new passion for filmmaking. During the Before We Go interviews I asked Evans if he could ever see himself giving up acting for a full-time directing career.

“I think most creative people are relatively fickle,” says Evans, whose recent credits include Playing It Cool and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. “I think we search for an outlet and I think that evolves and that’s the beauty of being creative. It changes from day to day.”

Click on the media bar below to hear Chris Evans talk about directing Before We Go:

Before We Go, now available On Demand, opens in theaters September 4.

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