Carlos Miranda “Living Life” With ‘Righteous Thieves” And ‘Station 19’


Carlos Miranda stars with his Station 19 co-star Jaina Lee Ortiz in Righteous Thieves. The heist thriller, which co-stars Lisa Vidal and Cam Gigandet, centers on a group of thieves who are actually doing good. By stealing back paintings stolen from the Nazis during World War II, their criminal activity may actually be great karma. Miranda talks about his latest movie and acting journey in the following interview.

Downtown Los Angeles is a big part of the Righteous Thieves’ setting, and Carlos Miranda talks about how a certain section of that area served as a major part of the film’s storyline. Filmmaker Anthony Nardolillo effectively utilizes the area’s more visually interesting locales to bring added value to Righteous Thieves’ presumably indie budget aesthetic.

Jaina Lee Ortiz as “Lucille”, Sasha Merci as “Nadia”, Cam Gigandet as “Bruno” and Carlos Miranda as “Eddie” in the action film, RIGHTEOUS THIEVES
a Lionsgate release. Photo courtesy of Lionsgate.

Pair that with a solid ensemble and it leads to a engaging enertainment, especially for fans of the heist genres. During the interview I assumed Miranda and Jaina Lee Ortiz worked with each other long before Station 19, but that was the other way around. Other topics covered in the interview include Miranda’s dabbling as a director, buying a house for his mother, working on Station 19, and his approach to his acting career.

Carlos Miranda as “Eddie” in the action film, RIGHTEOUS THIEVES a Lionsgate release. Photo courtesy of Lionsgate

Righteous Thieves hits theaters, digital and On Demand March 10. Let us know your thoughts on the film and if I should also check out the series Station 19. Also, check out his short End Trip, which co-starred Dia Frampton, below (fyi it’s a pretty dark short – and I hope he directs more shorts down the road):

Full interview with Miranda is below:

CARLOS MIRANDA (“Righteous Thieves”) Full Audio Interview

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