‘Transfusion’ Filmmaker Matt Nable Enjoys “Solitude” of Writing


Now out in theaters, digital and On Demand, Transfusion centers on an ex-special forces operative (Sam Worthington) who reconnects with a military colleague (Matt Nable) and takes on some highly questionable work. Nable also directed and penned the feature, and he talked to Deepest Dream about why wrtiting, for him, is not a fearful task.

There is that fear and anxiety of writing that many people, including myself, face. I will be writing more posts on this site about the screenwriting and novel writing process to put a little added insight into the world. That said, I might be using these writer interviews for my own benefit!!

I loved the unadorned and direct approach to Transfusion, and filmmaker Matt Nable carries those elements into his writing approach.

“I’m fundamentally a writer,” said Nable, whose books include Guilt and Still. “Nothing I do know either as an actor or a director would be happening without me first vocationally pursuing writing. Everything has just been an extension of that. I write novels.”

“Writing a screenplay and writing a novel are very, very different but I’ve never felt intimidated or scared getting to a computer to write. Quite honestly I’m the opposite. I enjoy the solitude. I enjoy the time alone. Look man, I’m just sitting down and making s**t up (laughs). There’s nothing to fear. I don’t have anyone’s life in my hands. I’m just spinning a yarn (and) telling story . . . I got one more interview after you and I’ll write for the rest of the day.”

Transfusion director/writer/actor Matt Nable on enjoying the “solitude” of writing

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