Alan Maxson Talks Indie Filmmaking With ‘Alien Planet’


Writer/director Alan Maxson’s new movie Alien Planet is now out on streaming and Blu-ray. Crowdfunding along with support from his loved ones and colleagues led to a $70,000 budget. Half of it went to the practical special effects from the project, which led to little pay for the cast and crew. How does a filmmaker lead an indie filmmaking team with a low budget? The answer, as the cliche goes, is to lead by example.

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The story centers on two alien species who must work together to survive an unforgiving planet. Since both species hate each other, this partnership is fraught with tension and mistrust. Running at 82 minutes, Alien Planet stars Alexandra Bokova, Hunter C. Smith, Naiia Lajoie, and Eric Prochnau.

“The ‘how do I do it’ (aspect) is asking people to do it for rates that they should not have done it for,” said Alan Maxson, who did the interview with Eric Prochnau. “Sorry Eric – sorry I paid you so little (Eric laughs).”

“I got paid in love Alan,” added Prochnau.

“Every single cast and crew member – they wanted to be there,” said Maxson. “Everybody was excited about the script and the concept.”

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The Indiegogo campaign took in over $67,000. Maxson reassured the film’s supporters that all the funds would be poured into Alien Planet. “I took zero dollars,” said Maxson. “I worked every day for three years for free to make this movie. When the captain of the ship is willing to dedicate his time and effort for free, I think it’s easier for people to go, ‘yeah this is truly a passion project.'”

Full interview with Alan Maxson and Eric Prochnau (he plays the Dweller in Alien Planet):

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