Charles Guard And Thomas Guard Deliver Modern Take On Revenge Thriller ‘Dead Shot’


Now out in theaters and availanble on Digital and On Demand, Dead Shot centers on an retired Irish paramilitary (Colin Morgan) who seeks revenge on the SAS officer (Aml Ameen) who accidentally killed his wife. Brothers Thomas and Charles Guard wrote and directed the first rate feature. They have not directed a movie together since 2009’s underrated psychological thriller The Uninvited, and Dead Shot is a worthy follow up. The filmmakers talked to CinemAddicts co-host Eric Holmes about their latest movie.

The script by Ronan Bennett first came to the filmmakers in 2019. “We loved the world (and) we loved the story,” said Charles Guard. “We felt that Ronan had hit upon something that was interesting in setting a revenge story in this period of history. It aligned with a lot of political stuff that was going on at the time in our country with Brexit. There was a lot of anger and a lot of division and idealogical fault lines that emerged. We the people were being manipulated by a small minority of people. We saw an opportunity to put into this story a lot of what we sensed about the world.”

Dead Shot is edited by Ted Guard, who is also a Guard brother. Guard also edited the critically acclaimed 2019 feature Monos.

“In truth, that kind of relationship is not dependant on us being brothers,” said Tom Guard. “It just works because we have a close working relationship – the three of us. It was great working with Ted on this.”

All three of us at CinemAddicts highly recommend Dead Shot. Check out our review on the latest episode:

Full interview with Charles and Tom Guard is below. Dead Shot, co-starring Felicity Jones and Mark Strong, is now out in theaters and is available on Digital and On Demand.