About Last Night’s Kevin Hart on Comedy: “Laughing Heals All Wounds”


Bernie (Kevin Hart)in Screen Gems' ABOUT LAST NIGHT.With the success of Think Like A Man, Grudge Match, and Ride Along, Kevin Hart is definitely, to quote one of his phrases, “coming in hot” with the relationship comedy About Last Night. A remake of the popular 1986 feature (which is based the David Mamet work Sexual Perversity in Chicago), About Last Night centers on the highs and lows of two couples (Kevin Hart and Regina Hall, Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant) who live, work, and play in downtown Los Angeles.

During a recent interview to promote the film, a journo asked Hart how he prepared for his love scenes with Hall, and although the following quote applies to the picture, it also can be applied to Mr. Hart’s approach to life.

“You’ve got to understand the type of person I am,” says Hart. “You can’t be awkward or uncomfortable around me. I’m too open, and if you are uncomfortable I’m going to make you comfortable very fast. Laughing heals all wounds.”

One of the misconceptions regarding Mr. Hart’s career is that he’s an overnight success, and it’s a perception that is somewhat understandable considering overwhelming reception he’s received the past several years. Hart has actually been paving his way in the business for close to 15 years, and back in 2004 he starred in the short-lived TV series The Big House and was also the lead in Soul Plane.

Close to a decade later, the actor/comedian is still growing as an artist. Part of Hart’s longevity deals with his dedication in learning all aspects of show business. Click on the media bar below to hear Kevin Hart talk about one of the secrets to his success.

About Last Night opens February 14.

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