‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ Trailer Has Dwayne Johnson And Crew Driving Off A Cliff

I’m just waiting for the Dwayne Johnson “We’re Not Gonna Make It” gifs, but if you want a taste of what it looks like check out the very end of the latest Jumanji: The Next Level trailer. Johnson is driving away from a multitude of ostriches which leads the Jumanji crew off a cliff and the rest is history!

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“The Wedding Ringer” Blu-Ray Review (Deepest Dream)

Kevin Hart;Josh Gad


Debuting Tuesday, April 28 on Blu-ray and DVD, The Wedding Ringer (R, 101 minutes) features Kevin Hart as Jimmy Callahan,  a skilled “best man” for hire. Jimmy, however, has the biggest challenge of his career as he must also find also find seven groomsmen for his latest client, the friendless Doug Harris (The Comedians’ Josh Gad).

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Kevin Hart Gets His Reps With ‘Madden NFL 15’ Ad

During the About Last Night press junket, actor Kevin Hart talked about the importance of getting “reps” as an actor and performer. This sports reference surely applies to his work in the popular Madden NFL 15 commercial, which has him going toe to toe with actor Dave Franco. 

Although Hart starts off as the aggressor as he accosts Franco at his residence and keys his car, it’s Franco who scores the first touchdown during their Madden match. Even though Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard runs off with Franco’s girlfriend, he’s determined to beat Hart.

I have no clue who is a better Madden player, but the commercial proves the pair have undeniable chemistry. Let’s Be Cops is already out in theaters, but a buddy film pairing Hart and Franco could be a cinematic touchdown.

Below is a gallery of screenshots from the video, the actual commercial, and an audio clip from my interview with Hart.

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Madden NFL 15 comes out August 26 on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 consoles.

Gabrielle Union On Dwayne Wade’s “Groomzilla” Passions


Dwayne Wade may be shooting for his fourth NBA ring during this year’s finals with the San Antonio Spurs, but the Miami Heat shooting guard’s mind is also on his impending marriage to actress Gabrielle Union. During Saturday’s Think Like A Man Too press conference, Union talked about Wade’s balancing act (she affectionately describes him as a “groomzilla”).

“Even though he’s playing in the finals, he still has time to be (groomzilla),” says Union, who also headlines the BET series Being Mary Jane. “As much as people like to think he’s worried about Tony Parker or the air conditioning in San Antonio, he’s worried about centerpieces and the kind of wine we’re having. He’s more of the one who’s that’s really driving the bus.”

Although Think Like A Man Too centers on the gang partying up in Sin City, Kristen’s (Gabrielle Union) primary directive is to start a family with Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara). Unfortunately, her over planning puts a damper on their romantic interludes. “I think the biggest thing overall that we all talk about with relationships in general and friendships is (to) never lose the fun in any relationship,” adds Union.

To hear Union talk about Dwayne Wade’s groomzilla tendencies, click on the media bar below (Regina Hall is also heard in the clip) . Think Like A Man Too, co-starring Kevin Hart and Meagan Good, opens June 20.

Comedian Kevin Hart Thinks Like A Man With A Plan (Audio)

Kevin Hart (Invision, Eric Charbonneau)With the success of About Last Night, as well as the June release of Think Like A Man Too and the sequel announcement for Ride Along, Kevin Hart is at an all-time high career wise.

Some actors who reach that level may want to take a year or two off, sit on their accrued wealth and enjoy the spoils of their success. Hart’s stand up comic work ethic, as well as his ambitious path, are two reasons why he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

“My goals are through the roof with what I want to accomplish,” said Hart during the About Last Night interviews. “When you look at the comedians that have gotten to a certain level of success. They have done so much. From the Pryors, to the Murphys, the Chris Rocks. Literally this list can go on and on. From George Carlin to Seinfeld. Bill Cosby. They’re legends for individual reasons.”

To hear Kevin Hart talk about his future goals as an actor and a comedian, click on the clip below:

About Last Night’s Kevin Hart on Comedy: “Laughing Heals All Wounds”

Bernie (Kevin Hart)in Screen Gems' ABOUT LAST NIGHT.With the success of Think Like A Man, Grudge Match, and Ride Along, Kevin Hart is definitely, to quote one of his phrases, “coming in hot” with the relationship comedy About Last Night. A remake of the popular 1986 feature (which is based the David Mamet work Sexual Perversity in Chicago), About Last Night centers on the highs and lows of two couples (Kevin Hart and Regina Hall, Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant) who live, work, and play in downtown Los Angeles.

During a recent interview to promote the film, a journo asked Hart how he prepared for his love scenes with Hall, and although the following quote applies to the picture, it also can be applied to Mr. Hart’s approach to life.

“You’ve got to understand the type of person I am,” says Hart. “You can’t be awkward or uncomfortable around me. I’m too open, and if you are uncomfortable I’m going to make you comfortable very fast. Laughing heals all wounds.”

One of the misconceptions regarding Mr. Hart’s career is that he’s an overnight success, and it’s a perception that is somewhat understandable considering overwhelming reception he’s received the past several years. Hart has actually been paving his way in the business for close to 15 years, and back in 2004 he starred in the short-lived TV series The Big House and was also the lead in Soul Plane.

Close to a decade later, the actor/comedian is still growing as an artist. Part of Hart’s longevity deals with his dedication in learning all aspects of show business. Click on the media bar below to hear Kevin Hart talk about one of the secrets to his success.

About Last Night opens February 14.