Zack Snyder Comes “Full Circle” With ‘300: Rise of an Empire’


During the 300: Rise of an Empirepress conference Zack Snyder admitted that the original 300 was designed to appeal to a specific audience. Obviously, that film, which effectively merged the grand scale visions of Snyder and Frank Miller, far exceeded expectations.

“When we made 300, in truth, the movie was also created through a lot of economic restrictions,” said Snyder, who also helmed last year’s blockbuster hit Man of Steel“…We thought it was a movie for kind of a small audience that would be into this kind of crazy, comic book-y, sword and sandals movie. It really was a genre that didn’t exist. There’s sword and sandals movies. There’s comic book movies. And Frank (Miller) had done it in the comic book.”

Filmmaker Noam Murro effectively achieved the balance of putting his own aesthetic stamp on 300: Rise of an Empirewhile also staying true to the initial spirit of Snyder and Miller’s collaboration.

Click on the audio below to hear Zack Snyder, who also co-wrote the new film with screenwriter Kurt Johnstad, explain why the latest installment helped everything come “full circle” for the 300 director.

300 Rise of an Empire, which stars Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton, opens March 7.