‘Val’ Trailer: Val Kilmer 16mm Home Movies And Recollections Spotlighted In Upcoming Doc

Documentary, featuring narration from Jack Kilmer, hits theaters July 16 and Prime Video on August 6.


Thousands of hours of footage from Val Kilmer’s home movies and on set interactions have been edited into the 109 minute documentary Val. Featuring narration from his son Jack Kilmer, the project hits theaters July 23 and debuts on Prime Video August 6. The trailer debuted this morning.

I’ve already committed a couple of huge cinematic sins by admitted Real Genius and The Doors are movies I still haven’t watched. My personal favorite Val Kilmer performance comes from the understated and exacting David Mamet flick Spartan, and I’ve always had a weak spot for some of his more underrated fare (The Saint, The Ghost and The Darkness, even The Island of Dr. Moreau!). Of course, who can forget Tombstone and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang??

Kilmer’s battle with throat cancer and subsequent tracheotomy has left him with a raspy, and at times heard to understand, voice. Thus his son Jack Kilmer should be a big part of the doc with his narration. That said, Val’s recent performance in The Birthday Cake was one of the film’s selling points, as co-host Eric Holmes discusses in a previous Find Your Film podcast (The Birthday Cake review begins at the 20:18 mark).

Using “Where Is My Mind” for one’s trailer music is always an awesome thing, and hopefully Val will be just as great as this Pixies classic. Directed and produced by Leo Scott and Ting Poo (Kilmer is also a producer), Val hits theaters July 23 and makes its Prime Video debut on August 6. Tell u what you think and share some of your favorite Kilmer flicks!

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