Vanessa Roth Discusses “Human Connection” Behind ‘Mary J. Blige’s My Life’

Documentary is now streaming on Prime Video.

Mary J. Blige’s My Life is an intimate look at the nine-time Grammy winning artist, and the 25th anniversary of her most personal album (My Life) is celebrated in the documentary. Filmmaker Vannessa Roth talked to Deepest Dream about the “human connection” this is a vital part of Blige’s world.

Blending animation, archival footage and new interviews with Mary J. Blige, her family, and colleagues, Mary J. Blige’s My Life gives viewers an insight into what continues to shape her as an artist. Growing up in New York’s housing projects did not deter her initial dreams as a singer and although she achieved fame at an early age, self discovery and healing has been a lifelong process.

Director Vanessa Roth, along with discussing the documentary, delivers so practical advice for storytellers who want to make their own documentary. Check out the interview below and make sure to subscribe to our Deepest Dream YouTube Channel. Thank you for your support!

Mary J. Blige’s My Life is now streaming on Prime Video.

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