‘Underwater’ Digital Codes Giveaway From CinemAddicts Podcast!

Kristen Stewart stars in Twentieth Century Fox’s “Underwater”. (Photo: Alan Markfield)
The latest giveaway is a good one, as I’m looking forward to seeing the sci-fi thriller Underwater when it hits Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital next week. That said, I’m offering up Five (5) Digital Codes for the Kristen Stewart headlined film. Check out the details below!

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Jessica Henwick and Kristen Stewart star in Twentieth Century Fox’s “Underwater”. Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

One of the reasons why I’m excited to check out Underwater is it’s directed by William Eubank, the filmmaker behind the underrated feature The Signal. He has a bigger budget to work with this time around, and it will be interesting to see how working with more options at his disposal worked out. Along with Kristen Stewart, the feature co-stars Jessica Henwick, Vincent Cassel, and T.J. Miller.

As you will see from the giveaway requirements, I am going Facebook heavy this time around. Just heads up, members of our CinemAddicts Facebook Group are eligible to win a Blu-ray or DVD each week (I give two discs away per week). So if you’re going to do one of the entries, the group membership should be a good thing (if getting physical media is your thing).

Giveaway Requirements for the Five (5) Digital Codes:
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  6. You only have do one entry, but if you complete all five, you’ll get five entries for the giveaway.
  7. Email ourcinemaddicts@gmail.com and tell me how many entries you completed!
  8. Giveaway winners will be announced on our CinemAddicts Facebook Page on Monday, April 13 at 7 pm pt.
“Underwater” – CR: Twentieth Century Fox

Underwater extras include an alternate ending with optional commentary, a deleted scene with optional commentary, extended scenes with optional commentary, two featurettes (“Real Bunny Montage” and “Making Underwater”) and feature audio commentary by William Eubank, associate producer Jared Purrington and production writer Phil Gawthorne.

Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel star in Twentieth Century Fox’s “Underwater”. CR: Alan Markfield

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