“The Signal” Director William Eubank Believes In The “Big Book”


THE SIGNAL (Focus Features)

One of my favorite films this year is The Signal, a $2 million budgeted sci-fi feature which showcases the filmmaking acumen of director William Eubank. Citing such heavyweight influences as Stanley Kubrick, Tony Scott, and Ridley ScottEubank infuses The Signal with a distinct, visually arresting aesthetic while offering up a nail-biting and twist driven narrative in the process.


The Signal - Focus Features
The Signal – Focus Features

During my interview with Eubank, he talked about how he pulled off an expensive looking film with a modest budget.  “I always take the script and I have a book and I start to kind of literally write and draw all the shots in the movie in this big book,” said Eubank, who collaborated with Angels & Airwaves on the 2011 feature Love. “…It’s that sort of execution and commitment to an early part of the film and knowing exactly what you’re  trying to do so you can isolate where money should be spent and where you can let go of certain things that enable you to actually executive it down the road.”

Check out the video below for a few filmmaking pointers from Eubank:

The Signal, starring Brenton Thwaites, Beau Knapp, and Olivia Cooke, opens June 13.