Trailer: Jodie Whittaker Has Challenging Time Learning ‘Adult Life Skills’


Jodie Whittaker’s acting career has seen an understandably meteoric uptick thanks to her acclaimed work in Doctor Who, and now stateside fans and movie buffs can check out her film work in the comedy/drama Adult Life Skills. 

Adult Life Skills centers on Anna (Jodie Whittaker), a nearing 30-year-old who lives in her mother’s shed and spends her time making funny videos. Still shaken by her brother’s (Edward Hogg) death, Anna would rather remain in a state of arrested development. An unlikely friendship with Clint (Ozzy Myers), the kid who lives next door, gradually brings Anna out of her funk, as the two bond over their respective outsized imaginations and daily challenges. The picture was written and directed by Rachel Tunnard, and the story is an expansion of her 2014 short Emotional Fusebox (which also starred Whittaker).

The feature was actually released in the UK back in 2016 (that same year, it also received the Tribeca Film Festival’s Nora Ephron Prize), and now it’s getting its U.S. release in theaters and On Demand come January 18.

Check out the trailer below: