Trailer: Donnie Yen Tracks Down The “Kung Fu Killer”

Hitting New York and Los Angeles theaters on April 24, Kung Fu Killer centers on  Hahou (Ip Man’s Donnie Yen) a convicted criminal who is released to stop a serial killer (Wang Baoquiang) who is terminating top level martial arts masters.


After a series of mysterious events casts suspicion on Hahou, he becomes the target of both the police and the killer. Teddy Chen, whose previous credits include Bodyguards & Assassins and The Accidental Spy.

The flick will play at New York’s AMC Empire and the following Los Angeles theaters: AMC Atlantic Times Square, AMC Puente Hills, AMC Tustin, AMC La Jolla Village (San Diego), and the Starlight Dos Lagos (Corona).

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