Tom Stourton And Tom Palmer Talk ‘All My Friends Hate Me’ And Writing Partnership


All My Friends Hate Me centers on Pete (Tom Stourton), a well meaning guy who is invited by his upper crust college chums for a weekend of fun to celebrate his birthday. Stourton co-wrote the surprisingly dark and witty comedy with his longtime writing partner Tom Palmer. The pair talked to Deepest Dream about the secret behind their successful collaboration.

“For us it’s just been a long old friendship,” said Tom Palmer. “And just a lot of good and bad projects that we have done. We’ve got to a point where we can put our egos aside and if someone says that idea sucks, then it’s actually okay. It’s a really efficient way to be just, ‘Right, let’s part that, let’s move on.'”

Tom Stourton in “All Muy Friends Hate Me” (Super)

“I think it’s really interesting to our former selves as writers when we were in our early 20s,” added Hall. “We would subliminally argue over the tiniest little correction and it was just a waste of time. It was just our egos getting in the way and now we’re older and a bit more secure and stuff flows a lot better in that environment.”

The narrative initially follows Pete’s (Tom Stourton) understandable frustration with his friends, and their friction with him is palpable (and comedic). As the story develops, Pete’s own flaws come to light, leaving the viewer a more well rounded view of the situation.

Georgina Campbell, Graham Dickson, Tom Stourton, Antonia Clarke, Joshua McGuire in “All My Friends Hate Me” (Super)

“Pete doesn’t like himself either, and he wants to be something that he’s not,” said Stourton. “That is what is hopefully a relatable enough thing that people go through or can recognize. He’s stuck in this cycle of pretending but wanting to be good but worrying that he is not good. That might be hard to watch but we hope that it is interesting enough and true to life.”

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