Chelsea Lopez and Rainey Qualley Explore the Inner Workings of ‘Ultrasound’


Hitting theaters and On Demand March 11, Ultrasound is a mindbending thriller which will have cinephiles perplexed right until the very end. Figuring out the puzzle box behind this movie was a worthwhile experience for me, and I asked co-stars Chelsea Lopez and Rainey Qualley about their takes on the Rob Schroeder directed feature.

Chelsea Lopez in “Ultrasound” (Magnolia Pictures)

Chelsea Lopez plays Cyndi, a frustrated young housewife who finds a connection with a relative stranger named Glen (Vincent Kartheiser). Rainey Qualley is Katie, a woman who is dissatisfied in her relationship with a politician. These are just surface plot points behind Ultrasound, as the feature takes these storylines and subvert them on their respective heads. There is a “life as simulation” theme I dug about the feature, but I don’t want to spoil anything else about the picture.

“I like that it is a script and a movie that makes you think,” said Lopez. ” Everyone can kind of piece together their part of the puzzle but some movies they don’t tie together. They just leave a bunch of questions unanswered. (Ultrasound) has answers when you watch it a second time and a third time. The narrative really ties in together to be understood really well. I was really intrigued by the layers (writer) Conor (Stechshulte) set up.”

Rainey Qualley in “Ultrasound” (Magnolia Pictures)

“I really loved the script and I think movies where you have to put the pieces together as you go along are just really intriguing to me,” added Qualley. “Movies that inspire conversations afterwards where you can discuss what you think happened or what did this part mean . . . I think that’s one of the most fun parts about watching a movie. This movie really accomplishes that really nicely”.

The “life as simulation” thread of Ultrasound also appealed to Lopez: “It’s definitely questioning reality and what is reality and how does influence work and I love that about it. I’m an Earth girl, I don’t really need to live in a simulation but there are people who are online living kind of altered realities and being influenced in a way that is maybe unknown.” 

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