“The Royals” Star William Moseley On Sun, Surf & Sheepscombe

William Moseley may play Prince Liam on The Royals, but living amidst opulence and the glitterati really isn’t his speed. While promoting the E! series with co-star Merritt Patterson, Moseley explains why his hometown of Sheepscombe is really more his speed.

William Moseley - Merritt Patterson "The Royals" (DeepestDream.com)

Moseley, who is also known for his work as Peter Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia features, loves to hit the beaches in Los Angeles for a bit of sun and surf.  Still, a life in the country puts everything into perspective. I asked him about his experiences whenever he returns to Sheespscombe, and he answered:

“I find (Los Angeles) to be very intense. I find it to be very competitive at times. Everybody is pushing to get somewhere, to achieve something. But when you go back to a small town, you suddenly realize that none of that really matters all that much. There are fields and there’s greens and there’s just woods. And that’s a really nice feeling. That’s a lovely place to go back to.”

Moseley’s full answer is featured in the video below:

The Royals, which also stars Elizabeth Hurley and Alexandra Park, airs Sunday nights on E! (10/9c).