Scott Speedman Finds “The Captive” With Director Atom Egoyan



Scott Speedman (TV’s Last Resort, Dark Blue, Barney’s Version) returns to Atom Egoyan country with the psychological thriller The Captive (the pair previously worked on the 2008 feature Adoration).

Released exclusively on DirecTV last month and opening in New York December 12, The Captive centers on a landscaper named Matthew (Ryan Reynolds) who is haunted by the disappearance of his daughter. In the eight years since her abduction, Matthew and his wife Tina (Mireille Enos) understandably cling to their child’s memory, hoping that one day they’ll find a resolution to their tragedy.

Rosario Dawson and Scott Speedman are the dogged detectives who continue to search for the girl’s kidnapper (Lost actor Kevin Durand). With the use of his trademark (yet still fresh) non-linear narrative, Egoyan weaves a compelling tale of obsession, manipulation, and ultimate redemption.

During the interviews for The Captive, I asked Scott Speedman about the innovative creative spirit that drives Atom Egoyan.

He’s just not interested in telling simple, down the line, obvious stories. It’s a very challenging thing he does and I think that’s what sets him apart. He’s very brave in his choices. 

The Captive (A24 Films)

I also asked Scott Speedman about being selective over his movie and TV roles. He gives a pretty funny answer as he talks about his career:

The Captive, which also stars Alexia Fast (Manhattan) and Bruce Greenwood (Mao’s Last Dancer, Devil’s Knot), also opens in Los Angeles December 19.