‘RoboCop’ Interview: Michael Keaton Recalls Batsuit Challenges

Gary Oldman;Michael Keaton; RoboCopMaybe it’s because I’m older than dirt, but it just seems like yesterday when Michael Keaton was donning the Caped Crusader suit for director Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns.

With RoboCop, Mr. Keaton is Raymond Sellars, the opportunistic CEO of OmniCorp who wants to push robot technology to the extreme, even if it’s at the expense of the narrative’s hero, Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman).

During last week’s press conference, Keaton reflected on his own challenges of playing an iconic hero who donned a rather intimidating suit: “The way in was Bruce Wayne,” said Keaton. “The Batman thing I didn’t know what I was going to do with that.”

To hear Keaton talk about his experiences wearing the Batsuit in director Tim Burton’s Batman, click on the Soundcloud bar below:

RoboCop, co-starring Gary Oldman, opens February 12, 2014.



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