Rob Riggle & Nick Swardson Dish Out Candid Comedy Advice


Now playing in select theaters, Hell and Back is an R-rated animated feature about three friends (voiced by Rob Riggle, Nick Swardson and T.J. Miller) who have an understandably nightmarish journey into hell. Bob Odenkirk serves as the voice of the Devil in the feature, which was developed by the makers of Robot Chicken and Bojack Horseman.


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    Stop motion enthusiasts and fans of vulgar and oftentimes silly humor (I mean that in the good sense!) should love Hell and Back, as the roster of voice talent features actors that are blessed with pinpoint comedic timing (Mila Kunis, Jennifer Coolidge, and Danny McBride are also part of the talented ensemble). During my interview with Rob Riggle and Nick Swardson, I asked them if they ever get tired of people asking them about how to break into show business as an actor or a comedian. Here’s their answer:

Rob Riggle:


Well it’s human nature, everybody wants a shortcut. I get it – the path of least resistance. That’s a very natural occurrence. The only problem is (it) doesn’t work like that in the real world. You’ve got to go do the work. You’ve got to get on stage, you’ve got to try stuff. You’ve got to fail, you’ve got to succeed. You just have to do it.


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Nick Swardson:

“When people ask me about doing stand-up, it’s like get on the f**king stage. I remember Chris Rock said in interviews that if somebody asks you how to do stand-up comedy, they don’t want to do it. You figure it out . . . go to a comedy club and f**ckin’ get on stage, dumbass!”

“It’s the simplest art form in the world,” added Riggle. “There’s a microphone, you and an audience. Make it happen.”

For the audio version of their collective answer, check out the clip below (Swardson’s “Eat, Pray, Love” comment refers to the torn to shreds bag I lug around to carry my audio equipment).

Hell and Back is now playing in select theaters.

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