Nicole Kidman Loves Paddington’s Family Appeal

Opening stateside January 16, Paddington centers on the titular Peruvian bear’s (voiced by Cloud Atlas actor Ben Whishaw) attempts to find a new home in London. Although there are people who are more than happy to give Paddington a new home (Sally Hawkins plays a nurturing matriarch), he also encounters a bit of adversity in the form of Millicent (Nicole Kidman) a taxidermist who’s filled with ill intent.
Paddington - The Weinstein Company
Paddington – The Weinstein Company

For Kidman, taking part in Paddington was a delightful experience. “They always say if you have a great time making a movie (it’s) not going to be any good,” said Kidman who was seen last year in the thriller Before I Go To Sleep“But this movie is good and we had a really good time.”

Click on the media bar below to hear Nicole Kidman talk about the reaction she received from her 74-year-old mom and 4-year-old daughter after they watched Paddington:

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