Michelle Monaghan Talks ‘Patriots Day’ Experience & “Boston Strong”

Patriots Day
Photo credit: Karen Ballard Michelle Monaghan (center) in PATRIOTS DAY to be released by CBS Films and Lionsgate.


Director Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg, whose successful collaborations include the non-fiction narratives Deepwater Horizon and Lone Survivor, cover the events surrounding 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. During this weekend’s press conference, co-star Michelle Monaghan (The Path, Fort Bliss) talked about collaborating with the pair.


Patriots Day
Karen Ballard
Director Pete Berg on the set of PATRIOTS DAY to be released by CBS Films and Lionsgate.

Though extensive research and storytelling precision are a part of the Berg/Wahlberg dynamic, their films are thankfully not visually static or wooden. Monaghan pointed out that unlike most filmmakers, Berg isn’t obsessed with putting marks in his scenes:

“Mark and I sat down (with) Pete during an afternoon and we worked on the scenes. It’s really great working with Pete. He really allows the actors to have a lot of freedom. Pete doesn’t have marks in the room. You essentially have a large stage and you have three or four cameras rolling all at once. And you continuously do the scene, and when you do that you start to become more comfortable and it’s a really great atmosphere for actors.

All of our hearts were in the right place and we really wanted to convey the untold story which was just every day people coming together and uniting. Feeling fear and helplessness – but at the same time conveying strength and doing heroic things.” 

Click on the Soundcloud bar below to hear Michelle Monaghan talk about her most memorable day shooting Patriots Day. She also gives her thoughts on “Boston Strong” in the clip:

Patriots Day opens in select cities December 21. I’ll be reviewing the film on an upcoming episode of the movie review podcast CinemAddicts.