Michael DiBiasio-Ornelas And Rebecca De Ornelas Walk The Talk With New York Based ‘The Sleepless’

First rate, New York set romantic drama is now available on VOD and Amazon Prime Video.



As a fan of walking and talking movies set in cities, The Sleepless is absolutely right up my alley. Director-writer Michael DiBiasio-Ornelas crafts an intimate tale of two insomniacs (Rebecca De Ornelas, Nyambi Nyambi) who bound outside a New York City bodega. Michael and Rebecca talked to Deepest Dream about their latest film, which is currently out on VOD and Amazon Prime Video.


Nyambi Nyambi and Rebecca De Ornelas in “The Sleepless” now available on VOD and Amazon Prime Video.

Zach (Nyambi Nyambi) and Sophia (Rebecca De Ornelas) are relative strangers, but thanks to their insomnia and a little fate, a bit of conversation starts outside their local bodega. Over the course of an early morning, they constructively argue about their unique life perspectives while gradually bonding in the process.

Director Michael DiBiasio shot the feature in black and white, and much of his exposition heavy script is handled with pinpoint aplomb from Nyambi and De Ornelas. If you are a fan of the Before Sunrise movie flicks as well as the indie spirit of John Cassavetes, then The Sleepless is worth a shot.

Michael O’Malley’s evocative song “Since You’re Up,” which is featured as the closing song on The Sleepless:

Interview Breakdown
0:38 – Is The Long Goodbye, written by Raymond Chandler, more than just a hardboiled crime novel?
2:04 – Rebecca discusses the ambitious nature of The Sleepless’ narrative.
4:04 – Michael says it was “intentional” to allow coincidence to play a part in The Sleepless.
6:16 – Rebecca and Michael discuss shooting the film in New York City.
8:15 – Michael elaborates on what makes John Cassavetes a unique filmmaker.
10:18 – Michael talks about the Michael O’Malley song “Since You’re Up.”
13:48 – Michael and Rebecca also recommend the Before Sunrise movies.
14:40 – Rebecca on what makes their collaboration works.

The Sleepless is now available on VOD and is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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