Mel Eslyn Talks Writing And Directing Process Behind ‘Biosphere’


Producer Mel Eslyn (Language Lessons, Paddington) makes her feature directing debut with Biosphere. CinemAddicts hosts Eric Holmes and Bruce Purkey praised the heck out of the movie which stars Mark Duplass and Sterling K. Brown. Check out the full interview with Eslyn in our post!

The story centers on Billy (Mark Duplass) and Ray (Sterling K. Brown), lifelong best friends who are surviving in a custom made biosphere (Ray is a scientist).

They may be the remaining humans on Earth, but due to an unexpected fish shortage their lives are endangered. As they scramble to survive, a transformation/evolution occurs within their environment. Will the pair make it through an uncertain future, or will this Biosphere lead to their eventual death? Listen to Bruce and Eric heap their share of praise of Biosphere in the latest CinemAddicts episode:

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BIOSPHERE – Mark Duplass and Sterling K. Brown (IFC Films)