Maddie Hasson Talks ‘Taurus’ Experience With Colson Baker And ‘Malignant’ Memories

The feature is now out in theaters and is available on Digital and On Demand via RLJE Films.


Maddie Hasson (Novitiate, We Summon the Darkness) stars in the somber and incisive drama Taurus opposite Colson Baker. Hasson talked to Deepest Dream about her latest feature and also reflects on one of my favorite features from 2021 (Malignant). Check out the full podcast interview in our post!

Colson Baker and Maddie Hasson star in “Malignant” (RLJE FILMS)

Written and directed by Tim Sutton, Taurus centers on Cole (Colson Baker), troubled musician whose life has been adversely affected by fame and his various addictions. He is verbally abusive to his personal assistant Ilana (Maddie Hasson), who ironically is probably the only person who can handle Cole’s mood swings and temperament.

“I really enjoyed the script when I read it,” said Hasson. “When I pick movies, I pick based off of the role and if it’s going to be interesting to me. Also I really love Tim Sutton and his work – that was I think, the big draw for me.””

Colson Baker and Maddie Hasson star in “Malignant” (RLJE FILMS)

During the interview, I asked Hasson about last year’s divisive movie Malignant. I love the James Wan directed feature, and Hasson echoed her appreciation of the picture:

Full interview with Maddie Hasson is available on our CinemAddicts podcast below. Taurus is now in theaters and is available On Demand and Digital via RLJE Films.