Christian Camargo and Martin Sensmeier Talk ‘The Last Manhunt’

"The Last Manhunt" is now out in theaters, Digital and On Demand.


Filmmaker Christian Camargo’s new feature The Last Manhunt is a sprawling Western that is based on the oral history of the Chemehuevi tribe of California. Movie buffs may be familiar with the story with the 1969 Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here (headlined by Robert Redford). Camabrgo and co-star Martin Sensmeier talked to Deepest Dream about The Last Manhunt.

Martin Sensmeier and Mainei Kinimaka in “The Last Manhunt” (Saban Films, Paramount Pictures)

The Last Manhunt centers on Willie Boy (Martin Sensmeier), a young man who runs away with his soulmate Carlotta (Mainei Kinimaka) against the wishes of her father. They come from the Chemehuevi tribe, and Willie Boy’s decision leads to a huge conflict which leads to the inevitable manhunt. Director Christian Camargo is Sheriff Wilson, a lawman who is under a great deal of pressure to ensure the couple’s capture does not lead to violence.

Christian Camargo in The Last Manhunt (Saban Films, Paramount Pictures)

Jason Momoa, who is also a producer and writer (story credit) on The Last Manhunt, also stars in the feature. Rounding out the ensemble are Tantoo Cardinal, Lily Gladstone, Raoul Max Trujillo, and Amy Seimetz.

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Jason Momoa in “The Last Manhunt” (Saban Films, Paramount Pictures)

My full interview with Christian Camargo and Martin Sensmeier is below:

The Last Manhunt is in theaters today and is available On Digital and On Demand.